How Many Fouls For Bonus in High School basketball? | Quick Look


Why can’t all rules of basketball be the same across all leagues and around the world? It drives me crazy that rules will differ in the game of basketball whichever level or continent you may be playing in. This rule differs amongst leagues…

How many fouls for the bonus in high school basketball? When a team has committed 7 fouls in a half the opposing team is in bonus, which means the player who was fouled goes to the free-throw line to shoot free throws. They are shooting what is called a one and one, if they make their first shot they shoot again. If they miss their first shot the ball is live and no second shot is awarded.

We will take a further look at personal fouls, team fouls, and the double bonus. All these terms worked together and make up the foul system in basketball.

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Jump ball in basketball game.

How many fouls until Bonus in high school? | Brief Recap

So we know if our team commits 7 fouls combined amongst all the players on our team, within a half we are putting the other team on the line as soon as we commit a foul. These 7 fouls can be made up of shooting fouls or nonshooting fouls but they can’t be offensive fouls. Once that happens fouls 7,8 and 9 will be one guaranteed free-throw called a one and one.

A one and one is when the team is attempting their first free-throw, if they make they shoot again. If they miss, the ball is live as soon as it touches the rim. If they make their first shot they will be granted a second shot.

A double bonus is when a team reaches 10 plus fouls in one half, this can be the first or second half of the game. This guarantees the team 2 free-throw for every foul, again on shooting and non-shooting calls, make or miss, it doesn’t matter they get two free-throws.

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Quick Break Down of Basketball Terms

Personal Fouls

What is a personal foul? A personal foul is the result of a player committing a personal infraction such as illegal contact on a player. This typically happens against the ball handler while dribbling or shooting. Some common fouls in basketball:

  • Pushing
  • blocking
  • holding
  • Illegal Use of Hands
  • Hand Checking


Team Foul

Team fouls are the total collection of fouls added up together from each player on the same team. For example player 1 has 2 fouls, player 2 has 3 fouls, and player 3 has 2 fouls. The total number of fouls for the 3 players is 7 fouls. This is the number of team fouls the team has, 7 .


The bonus in high school basketball is when a team reaches 7 fouls, which is also 7 team fouls. The opposing team will shoot free throws, for team fouls 7, 8, and 9  and are a single bonus which results in one free throw if missed. If the first free throw is made another free-throw is awarded to the player.


Double Bonus

A double bonus is similar to a single bonus but happens when team fouls reach 10 plus fouls. Once a team reaches 10 fouls then the opposing team will shoot two free throws guaranteed, no matter if they make or miss.


Offensive Fouls

Offensive fouls do not count towards team fouls and are not issued bonus free-throws. When an offensive foul happens such as a player on the defensive drawing a charge, there is a turnover in the possession and the team that was on defense is awarded the basketball. Although the offensive foul does not count towards the team fouls it does count towards personal fouls for the player who committed the infraction.

When do team fouls reset in high school basketball?

High School basketball has the same rules as college basketball but played with different dynamics such as the length of the game and its quarter time. College basketball has 2 halves that are 20 minutes each, in which each half the fouls reset. While in high school basketball, there are four quarters each 8 to 10 minutes depending on what state you play in, the fouls work in the same way as college and they reset when the first half is done. Personal fouls do not reset at any point during the game.


Do Technical Fouls Count as team fouls?

Technical fouls do count as team fouls from the players committing them, but they do not count from the head coach.

How many fouls to foul out in high school basketball?

A player will foul out when they reach 5 fouls in the game and will need to lave the court and sit on the bench.

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