How Long Is Halftime In Basketball? Quick Look



Usually, when a very good basketball game is on and it’s halftime, we seem to wonder how much time we have before the game starts. As we don’t want to miss any of the game while we are taking a break away from the television to check dinner or run to the store quickly to pick up some snacks.

How long is halftime in basketball? Halftime intermission in the NBA and NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball leagues are both 15 minutes long. Highschool halftime ranges from 10 to 15 minutes depending on league rules. Generally, halftime in basketball is never more than 15 minutes unless there is a performance that requires setup and takedown at a special event.

Sometimes half time can feel like forever and you just want to watch the game. What exactly happens during intermission behind the scenes. I’ll explain in detail why halftimes are necessary not just for the obvious rest from the players but for the professional leagues.

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Halftime Basketball

Each of the levels of basketball leagues varies with how long halftime is in length. So let’s review what exactly goes on during half and for how long between high school and the major leagues.


How long is halftime in High School Basketball?

During a high school basketball, the half time intermission varies based on school and conference you are in. Generally, it is 10 to 15 minutes, this gives the teams a rest and time to go over game strategy and adjustments that need to be made in the second half.

If there is enough time for the team then the team shoots around on the hoop they were defending in the first half. Which means they will now be scoring on that hoop for the remainder of the game.


How long is halftime in College Basketball?

College basketball has fifteen-minute halftime, If your watching college basketball on television, usually they have to run commercial advertisements to support the network that broadcasts the basketball game. While that goes on during half the commentators talk about the game more in-depth. Just like high school coaches will discuss strategy adjustments, and warm-up for the second half on the opposite side they were scoring.


How long is halftime in the NBA?

NBA halftime is Fifteen minutes but it feels way longer with commercial breaks and the halftime time show. Halftime show discusses the current game and the scores around the league for that day or the previous day. The teams besides discussing the second half strategy and shoot around, players may need to get retape or change their shoes due to superstitions.

Sometime halftime can be longer in special games such as Allstar games or playoffs due to special performances that require setup on the court for a singer or band and takedown also. (15 -25 mins)


League  Halftime Intermission
High School 10 -15 minutes
College 15 minutes
WNBA 15 minutes
FIBA 15 minutes
NBA 15 minutes

How Long Are Basketball Quarters?

League  Quarter/Halve Length
Highschool 8 – 10 minute Quarter x4
College 20 Minute Halve x 2
WNBA 10 Minute quarter
FIBA 10 Minute Quarter x 4
NBA 12 Minute Quarter x 4

How Long Are Basketball Games?

League  Length
Highschool  1 and Half Hours
College 2 Hours
WNBA 2 Hours
FIBA 2 Hours
NBA   2 Hours to 2 and a Half Hours


Did you know?

The longest-running basketball game ever was played on January 6, 1951, between the Indianapolis Olympians and the Rochester Royals which played 78 minutes total with a record 6 overtimes. That is an extra 30 minutes of play in overtime. the final score was 75-73 for the Olympians.


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