Can Basketball End in a Tie? Answered!


No too often do you see basketball games tied at the end of the game but when you do it makes it for an exciting overtime finish, especially when you’re watching your favorite team in the playoffs. but do basketball games ever end in ties…

Can a basketball game end in a tie? No! Basketball games at any level high school college or the NBA do not end in a tie. If after the time ends in regulation and the game is still tied, the game continues in overtime for 5 more minutes. If after 5 minutes there is still a tie it will proceed to another overtime and continue until the game is decided. This can be as many overtime as needed.

Basketball games have never resulted in a tie in the history of the NBA and never will. 5 minutes of overtime usually entertains the fans, everyone loves a good overtime game. often than not some teams win in the first 2 minutes of overtime, due to key players being fouled out or exhaustion sets in and they have nothing left in the tank. Yes, your fouls do carry on into overtime.

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Should there be ties in basketball?

With the number of points there are in a given game, and the many ways there are to score, from three-pointers, jump shots, and free throws, basketball games in fact rarely go into overtime. When the game does go into overtime 99 percent of the time it is decided in the extra 5 minutes. So now there is no need to have ties in a basketball game.


How is a tie decided in the NBA standings when it comes to playoffs?

If two teams are tied in the standings it will come down to their head-to-head record first, this basically means that if two teams played 3 games sin the season, whichever team wins the most games out of three will win the tie breaker. The second is division winner, 3rd higher division percentage if two teams are in the same division then the team with the higher percentage.


No one likes a tie in any sport or even a draw in boxing, fans pay their hard-earned money to see a winner and a loser. This is why even the NHL has tiebreakers now, and even the NFL. Soccer is another sport that ends in ties and in playoff games they result in penalty kicks after the game is still not decided in overtime.

Could you imagine if NBA games were decided by a shot blocker at the rim trying to block a shot one on one against a player trying to dunk on them. That’s how I see soccer, I hate the way they decide games, any team can win in that case, the skill advantage is level when it comes to penalty kicks.

Or even if the NBA had a shootout from the three-point line, this just would seem right to most people. Championships have been decided in soccer from penalty kicks. Teams will purposely defend an entire game to get a chance to win during the penalty kick. I could go on and on…


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