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Free Dribbling Workouts to Improve Your Handle



Listed below are free Dribbling Workout Programs by trainers and coaches that took the time to put them together. This is a helpful page that puts all the links of these excellent workouts in one spot for the aspiring basketball player to use to their advantage. I do not own any of the free dribbling workouts below. These workouts are linked back to their respected owner’s and credit is given to them, so feel free to check out their other content from these authors.


Dribbling Workout Programs

Here will find all types of dribbling workouts, you could do one workout for a couple of weeks or you could do a different one each day. Enjoy!

[1 – Hustle Training Alphabet Handles]

An, A to Z Dribbling workout with videos for each dribbling drill. I really like the idea, you may have to review the drills first and make notes if you want to go from one drill to the next quicker. 26 drills are more than enough for a good workout. Click Here! for the workout.

[2 – Stack Dribbling Workout]

A good dribbling program with one ball, two ball, and tennis ball drills. Click Here! to check it out.

[3- Ryan Roozky Dribbling Workout]

A great follow-along workout, Ryan puts out a lot of good content, check out his other content.

[4 – Deep Game -10 Minute Ball Handling Workout!]

A quick ball handling warmup.

[5- Hoops King 25 Minute Dribbling Workout]

An intense trainer who pushes the pace. Give it a try this guy gives 150 percent.

[6- J-Law 20 Minute Home Workout]

Check out his channel is great entertaining content where he has professional running 5 on 5, some big names play in these games.

[ 7 – 10 Great Tips By Get Handles basketball]

These are great tips in the form of commandments he does a good job keeping it simple and things you can do as of right now to be on your way to be an excellent ball handler.


[8 – Minute Ball Handling Routine by New Age Elite Sports]

A simple follow along ball handing routine, you could do this every day and if your a beginner you will see yourself getting a better handle on the basketball in a few weeks.

[9 – Nike Elite Ball Handling Level 1]

This is an advanced dribbling workout that is advance and difficult. If you mess up a lot try something easier.

[10 – 20-Minute Ball-Handling Guided Basketball Workout | Pro Skills Basketball]

Two-Ball Dribbling Drills 

[1 – 50 Two-Ball Dribbling Drills] 

Like the title says, in the video the creator id an excellent job organizing the drills from beginner to expert. You could progress to the next level after your able to complete all drills at a certain level with ease. I love seeing progressions like this when it comes to improving a skill.

[2 – Advance Stationary Dribbling]