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Free Shooting Workouts for Basketball Players | No Excuses



I do not own any of the free workouts below. These workouts are linked back to their respected owner’s and credit is given to them, so feel free to check out their other content from these authors.

Free Shooting Workouts

Listed below are Free Shooting Workouts by trainers and coaches, that took the time to put them together. This is a helpful page to put all the links of excellent workouts in one spot for the aspiring athlete to use to their advantage. 


Shooting Workouts

Here will find all types of Shooting workouts, you could do one workout for a couple of weeks or you could do a different one each day. Enjoy!


[1 – Steve Nash  20 Minute Shooting Workout]

The author provided a chart for easy reference when you are on the court, so you can quickly move on to the next drill. Click Here!

[2- Ryan Razooky 200 Makes]

Another good workout from Ryan check out his channel has a world of knowledge when it comes to basketball.

[3- Form Shooting Warm-Up ProTraining Basketball]

A unique approach, but definitely works. You can apply this every time before you play and it only takes 6 minutes.

[4 – Full Shooting Workout From Pure Sweat Basketball]

[5-  55 minute Shooting Workout By Winning Hoops]

A simple 7 shooting drill workout. A good idea would be to keep track of makes and try to beat your own score next workout. Click Here!

The 55-minute shooting workout

[6- 300 Shot Workout by Fast Model Sports]

Great workout you could do every day, Comes with an accompanying video and workout chart. Click Here!

300 Shot Workout

[7 -D-Trained 500 shots]

This was something I did very similar each day before my senior year of high school, I split this into two sessions of 250 shots, one in the morning and one in the evening. This made me a threat on the court and a lights out shooter. Don’t let the simplicity of this workout fool you, it works wonders.

[8 – The Ultimate Shooter Guide by Basketball Word]

An article I wrote it’s a long read, with lots of good tips and tricks to help you shoot better. Click Here!

How To Become A Better Shooter In Basketball: Ultimate Guide

[9 – 40 Minute Workout with Micah Lancaster ]

A little bit of everything in this one, from dribbling to shooting and footwork into a shot. Great workout for ideas for your own training.

Post Workout

[1 – Basketball for coaches 355 shots made]

For some reason, the workout doesn’t appear in the actual web page, but I was able to get the workout in .pdf format Click Here!

[2 – Scott Morison Channel Post Workout]

This is a hidden gem, I really like the look of this workout, even guards can benefit from touches around the rim.