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Basketball I.Q.

Listed below is free Basketball I.Q. content by trainers and coaches that took the time to put them together. This is a helpful page that puts all the best links in one spot for the aspiring basketball player to learn from.


Basketball I.Q Videos

Think about it if you could learn just one thing every week and apply it to your game until it became subconscious, you would be a very good basketball player after a year based on I.Q alone.

[1- Ryan Razooky How to Score]

Great video on reading the defense and attacking the gaps.

[2 – PGC Becoming a Playmaker]

[3- I Love Basketball TV]

This video puts you more in the mind frame of basketball IQ.

[4 -The Secret To Basketball Success You Forgot About]

The deep game channel has a lot of content on how to think differently about the game and solve issues you may be having when it comes to basketball.


[1- Basketball For Coaches 14 Tips]

In this article, it provides 14 tips you can use right now to think about the game differently. Click Here!

How to Develop a High Basketball IQ (and 14 Examples)

[2 – Inspirational Basketball 7 Tips]

This article provides 7 ways to improve your basketball game, it is a quick read but you can definitely get a lot out of it. Click Here!

7 Ways to Improve your Basketball IQ

[3 – Do you know what to do in these end game scenarios]

Written by yours truly, memorize these end game situations and apply them to your game and increase your basketball I.Q. Click Here!

Increase Basketball I.Q. With these Must Know End Game Scenarios

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