Improve Your Shooting Form Instantly With These Tips


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Shooting Form

Listed below is free Basketball I.Q. content by trainers and coaches that took the time to put them together. This is a helpful page that puts all the best links in one spot for the aspiring basketball player to learn from.


[1 – Klay Thompson Shooting Form

Klay goes in-depth but keeps it simple when it comes to shooting. We tend to overcomplicate things when really it might be that your doing everything right but just aren’t practicing enough.

[2 – Shot Mechanics]

There a re a few videos here from shot mechanics that I feel you can learn a lot from.


[3 – Howard Elite Basketball]

Howard does a great job telling it like it is, the tips that are given are so simple but effective.

[4 – Ryan Razooky Shooting Form]

Ryan knows his stuff, his tips are golden.

[5 – Allan Houston]

Pay attention to the chicken wing, if you eliminate the chicken wing a lot of your problems will be solved.


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