Top 5 Youtube Basketball Trainers and Entertainer Channel


It’s crazy to think that having a Youtube basketball channel is like being a professional basketball player. I mean you are getting paid to play basketball, in fact, some of these channels presented to you today, probably are making more than a lot of pro basketball players, heck maybe even some NBA players.

So today I present to you, my Top 5 Basketball Trainers and Entertainers. I am leaving out the basketball channels that do NBA analytics on players and teams while focusing on skill improvement and good entertaining basketball content.

So let’s start with entertainers first, here are my top 5 youtube basketball channels that I love watching. If you are interested in any of these YouTubers make sure you support them and subscribe to them. You can click on their banner and it will take you to their Youtube channel.

#5 D’Vontay Friga

Friga was a Division 3 basketball player and it took him 2 years for anyone to take him serious. His earlier videos started with him behind the scenes as a Div 3 athlete and people were starting to take notice. His channel has since blown up, though he’s not the flashiest guy in which his game revolves around the 3 point line, he is a very good penetrator and a team player.

Friga has been trying out for professional teams as he wants to take his channels behind the scenes of a pro player. This is an awesome idea that would definitely keep his fans entertained. His channel has a lot of variety as he is always coming up with new ideas.



#4 Jordan Lawley

Jordan started off his channel with more how-to and skill training videos and now it’s morphed into one on ones and five on five runs, which is the best part of his channel by far. He has high-level basketball players playing in these runs from college players, professionals, and even ex-pros.

Some notable household names that have shown up are Alex Caruso, Jeremy Lin, and even ex-pro Cutino Mobley. The channel is nothing shy of entertainment with the egos clashing and trying to get one up on each other all for the love of the game. J-Law trains high-level players and from time to time put out a skill-based video.


#3 The Professor

The Professor needs no introduction, he was one of the players that made And One extremely popular from the late 90s to early 2000s and now has a channel. His channel blew up due to his spiderman series in which he is dressed like spiderman playing basketball. It has a great storyline and is around 9 parts long.

Despite the success from Professor, he is a super humble guy who doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He travels around the world and plays and does a lot of guest appearences.

#2 T- Jass

T-Jass does a variety of videos, even humbling himself to play with his buddies in a rec-league, which is actually really entertaining. During one of the games, there was a massive fight for absolutely no reason, you need to go and check it out.

Besides that T-Jass has a lot of variety to keep you entertained and at one point toying with the fact that he was going to play pro basketball. His game revolves around a good handle and a very good outside shot. T-Jass was responsible for making jelly layups mainstream.



#1 Whit3 Iverson

By far my favorite YouTuber, he is extremely skilled and he makes shots he has no business making with high accuracy. He is a small point guard but can play. He has videos where he plays with pros and teams up with other YouTubers and holds his own. His video are entertaining and most of them take place at a park or outdoor court where he draws a crowd.

If you haven’t heard of him check him out, trust me there is a reason he is called Whit3 Iverson.


On to my top 5 youtube trainer channels, If your looking to improve your game this is where to look.


This is the biggest Youtube Basketball Channel when it comes to improving your game. They been around for 6 years already and have hundreds of videos with lots of guest appearances. Their guest appearances are the best trainers you can find on youtube so if you enjoy their content you can also subscribe to them.


#4 Coach Tyler Relph

Tyler was a former Mr. Basketball In New York and would have an up and down career in college. After college, he suffered a knee injury and was sidelined for 18 months and then decided afterward that he would become a skills trainer. The attention to detail in his videos is remarkable. He teaches you how to dribble and the footwork involved in making the move so that you are shifty at the same time. Tyler still has game by the way.

#3 Shot Mechanics

Collin is a professional shooting coach and he has so many tips and information on shooting on his channel you won’t know where to start. He is a master at what he does and always provides value in his training. Collin is a great teacher and makes things simple and very visual for the learner. His channel alone you could easily learn how to shoot properly, that’s the whole point. He does break down videos of NBA shooting form and critiques problematic areas in the form most players make and suffer from.



#2 Ryan Razooky

This guy has a wealth of knowledge, right now he is training Mikey Williams who is a future NBA hopeful. He provides a lot of tips all-around in basketball. His channel recently blew up and in his early videos, I could remember him having a lot of good basketball tips and knowledge so be sure to those out also. Ryan does a lot of collab videos and many YouTubers get trained by him. His specialty is shooting as he is a great shooter himself.

#1 In the Lab

Devin In the Lab started when he was training two kids and didn’t have any space on his computer or a hard drive to put his recording on. So he uploaded the videos on youtube instead, little did he know his channel would blow up overnight.

Devin Williams Got Game, here we have an individual who is so knowledgeable in his craft, he is like Mr. Miyagi to the Karate Kids that he trains. He has videos of himself playing and training and always surprising us with something different. Right now he trains a handful of players and mentors them in the process. It is a different type of basketball video that you may not be used to, check him out, you won’t regret it.

Well, that concludes the top 5 for each category, I hope you found a new channel you never heard of, and be sure to support these guys and subscribe to them. Till next time.

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