Improve Your Non-Dominant Hand in Basketball? Hack

I am going to give you an easy solution and way to improve your non-dominant hand without even thinking about it, well maybe at first you will but it will improve your game and become second nature if your patient.

It’s something I did when I was young when I wanted to improve my non-dominant hand and really anyone can apply it immediately. So you have probably done a bunch of drills and felt you’re not getting any better, you are still struggling to dribble the basketball with your weak hand. You want instant results but the reality is you have to work hard at it. While you may feel like giving up that’s a sign you got to push harder. Now that I am done with the motivational speech, here’s an easy and effective way over time to improve your non-dominant as good if not better than your strong hand.

When I am talking about your non-dominant hand, I mean if your right-handed your non-dominant hand will be your left hand and vice versa. Basically, any hand that is weak in a skill when it comes to basketball. I would refrain from shooting baskets with the opposite hand you’re used to shooting with unless your very advance in skill.

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The Easy Hack to Improving your Weak Hand

It is really very simple when you are practicing shooting and you are dribbling the ball you will only dribble with your non-dominant hand most of the time. This means dribbling to the spot grabbing the ball with your non-dominant hand after retrieving the ball from the basket or even passing to a teammate in shootaround. You do it all with your weak hand. If your playing pick-up games and you’re bringing up the ball use your non-dominant hand to do so, practice with your left hand during pick-up games as much as your comfortable. you will need to break out of your comfort zone if you want to improve.

At first, this will feel really awkward and you may even forget to do it, it may even be difficult for you at first. But over time you are going to get good at controlling the basketball in small tasks and in ways that will help your overall basketball game big time.

You may even favor the hand you pick up the ball to dribble as your non-dominant hand and chose to favor the left side to dribble and shoot. That is exactly what happens to me. I’m right-handed and after doing this for about a month it felt really comfortable that I started to penetrate to my left a lot more. I love the left side of the court, to be honest, but any good player knows you have to be balanced on offense.

You can incorporate other drills alongside this if you want to really to speed up the process. For every shot, you take you can do a non-dominant hand layup, for every pass you make it can be a non-dominant hand pass. In the drills you do use make sure to always dribble with your non-dominant hand, you will find it will become easier and easier.

Playing against the weak competition with your weak hand

Another way to work on your weak hand is to play against players that are not very good, really focusing on improving that hand doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do when playing competitively.

Maybe you have a little brother and sister, you could simply only dribble with your non-dominant hand only and do moves and tricks on them. This can be fun and you won’t even realize you are getting better and improving. Although I really wouldn’t shoot with the opposite hand unless it’s a layup.

So next time take the opportunity to play against the talentless and see it as an opportunity to get better. It is a great way to focus and improve at a rapid rate.

Results Take Time

We live in a world where we can get instant results and gratification with the click of a button. Understand that this is not how the real world works and especially when improving skill in a sport. Also understand that improvement in a fundamental skill takes many hours of work, time, and effort. Even after you have mastered a skill, (you will never master a skill) it still requires many hours of dedication to stay consistent.

If you are not seeing the results you are looking for right away, you either haven’t done it long enough, your doing it wrong, or the effort isn’t there.

Ask yourself the following questions when your frustrated when your not improving:

Am I seeing consistent progress overall to my basketball game?

Am I giving enough focus and effort to the skill?

Can I see myself getting better at this and using this in a game?


I hope that helps, give yourself a few weeks of doing this little hack and in no time you will forget all about it because now it will be your new norm to dribble the ball effortlessly as if you have two dominant hands.






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