How to Play Basketball at Night? Solutions!


So you’re addicted to basketball, you love the game and you are always playing but you want to play at night in the dark. What to do?

How to play basketball at night or in the dark? On the market, there are basketball hoop lighting kits that light up your entire basketball system. There are even basketballs that light up while you play. There are great options available to provide the necessary lighting in areas on your court, big or small that will help with visibility while you work on your game as the competition is sleeping.

Playing basketball at night, who would do such a thing. Hear me out, I am not suggesting getting a game going in the dead of the night where there is no lighting and its pitch black outside. What am I suggesting is if you are trying to work on your game with a busy schedule or just want to improve your game, nighttime shooting may be the answer.

If you want to see your option right now, of what type of lighting systems there are for your basketball hoop and court click here! You will be directed to Amazon. Be prepared to be amazed.

Basketball at Night

If you are not new to this blog and the articles published, then you already know that I am a huge advocate of volume shooting when it comes to improving your shot and overall game. Growing up I wanted a basketball hoop so badly that I was able to scrape up enough money to get the cheapest hoop on the market because I knew I would spend hours playing and trying to get better for the upcoming season.

But life gets busy and going to school while having a part-time job and playing other sports I knew I had to find a way to play basketball and improve my shooting which was my number one goal to improve my game. Due to my schedule, this is why I spent a lot of time playing basketball at night and putting up volume shots every day before bed. I did this before the season and even during the basketball season.

I was determined to improve, and when you are determined as I am am to get better at the game, you find a way to do it and I sure did.

Basketball Noise Complaints

Now you are probably wondering, what about the noise complaints, didn’t your neighbors complain? No, they didn’t but that is because my portable hoop was stationed in my back yard on the grass. Every time the ball hit the ground no one could hear it. Though I did move the hoop to the driveway a few times during the night, if your neighbors have their windows open then they may complain about it, so be aware.

Dribbling and shooting on concrete is going to be much louder when the ball hits the concrete when compared to the grass. If you have a loud rim that has seen some age, every time you shoot and the ball and hits the rim it probably sounds like someone dropped an open toolbox that could also create a lot of noise with every shot. Just be aware, I was lucky that although my hoop was cheap at the time it didn’t make a whole lot of noise.

If your someone who has a court nearby and the lights stay on until a particular time, it would be a great way to get out to the courts late if you are strapped for time every day, depending on the area usually when the lights come off it’s time to go home. A lot of the neighbors that live besides courts hate their noise of the basketball and the arguing that goes on during the game, lol. You can always attempt to shoot at your discretion when it gets late at night hopefully it is safe and you don’t get any complaints.

Basketball Sound

I know a lot of athletes if they haven’t thought about this they are probably hoping for this one day. Why hasn’t someone come up with a basketball that is soundless that every time you bounce the ball it makes the least amount of noise as possible. I can not tell you how many times the players I have coached wish they could dribble in their own house, but their parents get mad when they are bouncing the ball in their room or in their basement.

Not only that but many of us would love to play basketball well into the late of the night but the basketball is a load ball that echoes into the night and you can hear it from a mile away. Well, we will wait and see…

Shooting in the Dark

So I am still old school when it comes to many things, but one thing that I did in which to this day I have no way of knowing if scientifically it helped my shooting, but I always believed that if I was able to shoot in the dark and shoot well that shooting with a light would be soo much easier.

Although I don’t know if it worked I do feel adding a variable such as not shooting without any lights makes it difficult to do so and provides a challenge. So I did this a lot, not caring about not having a light to see the hoop. I do know after a summer of this and playing a ton of basketball, I became a real threat on the court and lights out shooter, (maybe because I spent a lot of time shooting with no lights, hmmmmm).

But, I did do other things like playing a ton of basketball work on my game shoot in the morning and tried to put up a lot of volumes before the season started in my senior year of high school.

Residential basketball hoop and court lighting

At the time I really didn’t care or think of ways to light up my court in the backyard, and it was definitely a dark space to light up. If I could go back I think I would have taped a flashlight to the top of the back board with duck tape. My hoop was a portable one, If I really wanted a light all I had to do was take the flower pout off the base that was keeping it from tipping and tape a flashlight to it at the top of the backboard. You would have the rim light up and you would be able to see when you shoot the ball. Pretty confident that the flashlight wouldn’t fall or and the ball wouldn’t hit it…maybe on layups.

I am pretty sure 20 years ago they didn’t have lights for hoops like they do now, and Amazon was definitely not like it was today either. So what are your options? Well, there are a few,


Basketball Hoop Light Up Ball

This is kind of a neat concept, you are able to light up your whole basketball hoop, it even comes with a basketball that lights up also. The ball itself has 2 led lights on each side of the ball and bounces and feels like a basketball.

Included is a long set of led lights long enough to light up your basketball hoop. Will also look nice during Christmas time when you decorate the house. If you are interested in this product it’s available on Amazon by clicking here!


Other Light Basketballs

There are other light up basketballs that glow in the dark or have a hologram look on the market. I think regardless if your doing dribbling and shooting at night, it may be wise that the first priority would be the hoop to see where you’re shooting the basketball. If the hoop is lit up the basketball doesn’t have to be. It can add a level of difficulty to your dribbling which is a bonus.

If you are interested in a basketball that lights up, one that is affordable then choose the Hologear basketball, it makes a great gift in its unique ability to glow in the dark. It looks as if you’re dribbling an orb. It’s really neat and one post on your social media platform will have everyone wondering what that is.


How to Light Up a Basketball Court at Night?

Bigger options to light up an entire court at night are available but cost more money. They connect to the basketball hoop itself. Generally, the basketball hoop would be one that is installed in the ground. You wouldn’t want to attach a very big light on a portable basketball hoop.

There are also ones that you can attach to the garage or house that shine a light on the court or your hoop to provide the necessary light you need at a fair price.

So hopefully you didn’t need much convincing to realize playing basketball at night and working on your game can actually save you some time during the day to do other things like catch up on school work. Or you realize that you can get in an extra workout at night without anyone bothering you. Whatever the case you have options, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to play the game you love.

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