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Scared to Shoot the Basketball? | Do This

Hopefully, after reading this article you realize what you need to do in order not to be afraid to play the game of basketball and shoot the ball when your open. Basketball can be an intimidating sport but once you realize that it’s not as difficult as you think it is after bringing some of the issues to light, you will be well on your way to playing to your current skill.

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Playing basketball is a team game and we want to help our team win, while we also don’t want to let down our teammates or be the reason why the team loses a game. This can lead to anxiety when you’re on the court playing. You are in fear of not making the right play or disappointing your friends, that it’s hanging over your head and affecting your game. Maybe you are scared that the coach will get mad and sub you off and get embarrassed. If this sounds like you, how do you think things will get better if you are putting that much emphasis on the players on your team rather than the game.
As a basketball player, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. In fact, when I coach I tell the players in a big game in which everyone is extremely nervous is do not worry about making mistakes. I say this because it takes the pressure off them, they think they are going to get subbed out if they turn the ball over or make a mistake. Players grow because they learn from their mistakes. You can make a blueprint but you’re still going to make mistakes. It’s the experience that is most important.
Get out there and play basketball, worry about nothing, and have fun. If players laugh because you did something wrong, laugh with them. Continue to play like you don’t give a care in the world…

You are your biggest enemy

You may not realize it until someone tells you, but you may be getting in the way of yourself. You may have beaten yourself up and not allow yourself a chance with your negative thoughts. This can hinder performance on the basketball court and in life.
Growing up I was one of the best athletes in school, but when things didn’t go right I was extremely hard on myself, in fact when I would play basketball it got to the point that whenever I would miss a shot I would remember it for most of the game. It was as if I put so much pressure on myself as to not miss a single shot. As I played, if I missed 2 or three in a row, it seemed as if I was having the worse game of my life. It wasn’t until I realized that this wasn’t the case at all after watching one of my basketball games and to my surprise, I played really well.
Some things that helped along the way were motivational quotes, I would repeat two quotes from time to time. “Shooters, Shoot” and “The best athletes in the world have a short-term memory”. Find what works for you, don’t be so hard on yourself, this will break the little confidence you already have.

Simple Confidence Builder for Basketball 

Here is a simple thing you can do after every game to slowly build your confidence. doesn’t matter if you only play pick up this will work. Remember the mistakes you made and think about them only once. Then ask your self how you would have done things differently, what was the right play? Again only think about those mistakes once. Now in your head throw those mistakes in the garbage.
Now remember everything you did right on the court, you made the shot, you rebounded well, you stop the ball on defense etc. Keep replaying those plays over and over in your head as many times as you would like. You will get a great feeling from this and you will start to build your confidence every game. These are like positive affirmations that happened in the game that you can remember and build on for your next game.

The secret to overcoming fear and anxiety in basketball?