How to Play Basketball with Blisters? | Solutions!


You bought a brand new pair of basketball shoes, you can’t wait to play in them and when you do you realize they are causing you more harm then good. You spent good money on the newest pair of kicks but they have caused blisters on your feet.

How to play basketball with blisters? If you are planning on playing basketball with blisters on your feet understand you are slowing the healing process. While you may cover the blister with gauze, band-aids and tape these are temporary methods that may maintain some comfort while you play. Vaseline will go long way in providing lubrication while preventing friction and further irritation to the blister.

Realistically it will be best to avoid wearing the shoes that are causing you blisters. Knowing what type of feet you have and the comfort a shoe will provide is important in good healthy feet and comfort overall.

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Basketball Shoes Causing Blisters

If your like me every pair of shoes I buy, I will wear them in the house so that I can work them in before I play basketball in them. Too many times I have bought a pair of shoes only to feel the discomfort in my feet even causing me to take off my shoes mid-game.

If in fact your shoes cause you blisters take them off right away if you think you can return them, if your past that point….well you have very few options.

One, you can keep them if your a collector or trade them later on. Two, you can sell them to buy a different pair. 

Blister on Outside Big Toe

Having a blister on the outside of the toe or the pinky toe could be because there just isn’t enough room in your shoe for you feet. You can attempt to take out the thin insole that comes with the shoes and this will provide a little more room for your toes. But You will lose that padding when it comes to comfort. It generally glued down and is easy to take off with a bit of strength.

Another option is to not tie the shoe laces tight from the bottom of the shoe near the toes to the top where the ankle is. You can leave the laces much looser near the toes and middle of the shoe while tightening the top of the shoe laces where the ankle is really tight.

How to Treat Blisters on Your Feet

Tape and Gauze

A good option to use on your blister is some gauze and tape. Create a thick pad with the gauze, but not to thick that he creates discomfort to your feet when you put your foot inside. Now tape the gauze to your foot, you may need to wrap the tape around your foot to really secure it. Do not wrap the tape too tight or you will feel like your foot is losing circulation when you play.

Put on your sock carefully so that it doesn’t disrupt the tape and gauze on your foot that is protecting the blister.


You can try apply a bandage where your blister is, the bigger the band-aid the better, the issue comes when the feet sweat or when your are putting your sock on over the band-aid. This can cause the band-aid to move and loosen up the band-aid which will still cause friction to the blister from your the movement of your feet and inside the shoe.

Not the greatest option but if you can make it work by all means do so. Experiment with it a little and have back up bandages just incase it loosens up. Again your biggest issue will be when your feet get hot and moist causing the band-aids to lose their adhesive. 

Double Sock Method

One way to prevent blisters is by using the double sock method. Yes it is exactly as it sounds, you wear to pairs of socks creating a thicker layer on the foot. This may make your feet feel really tight in the shoe due to the extra layer. If your blister is in the back of the heel or Achilles area you could cut one pair of socks where the arch would be in your foot, eliminating the extra materials where the sole and toes would have been to free up space in the shoe.


Whatever method you decide for your blisters, using Vaseline can go a long way to provide less friction and discomfort. Although for the blister to heal it is best you don’t touch it at all or create any more friction. But if your going to play basketball, I get it. Vaseline will help lubricate it and keep it moist and pain free temporarily. But a big glob on it and it should do the trick for the time being. 

How to prevent blisters on your feet when playing basketball?

It is very important to understand what type of shoes you need and how they fit while providing the comfort and support necessary to avoid issues such as blisters or painful feet.

If you are buying basketball shoes, it is not enough in the store to try on a pair of shoes and think these will work for you on the court, because your favorite player wears them. Wearing them around the store by taking a few steps can cost you money.

A better option is to buy a pair of shoes and wear them around the house and even go for a walk in them. If they are going to cause you discomfort just by walking then they will definitely cause issues when running and playing basketball. You can then return the shoes and get another pair instead.

 I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a pair wore them in the store only for them to cause some issues to my feet on the court.

If your worried you won’t be able to bring them back because of the creases, check on Youtube for how to get rid of creases on shoes making them look brand new again.

I will say there were many times my feet hurt after the first time I wore them on the court and after playing them for awhile I didn’t notice any issues or pain. By the time I wore them the second time they were good to go.

When you do find a basketball shoes that is comfortable tying your shoes tight is very important so that your shoe isn’t sliding around. If your foot slides around in the shoe you are going to have friction with the skin and shoe which will cause blisters.

How to heal a blister as fast as possible?

This example is for a blister on the back of the heel/Achilles tendon.

1 – Stop basketball immediately, do not touch or create any more friction with the blister. 

2 – Keep it clean.

3 – Let it breathe as much as possible. Don’t cover the blister.

4 – Wear sandals instead of shoes.

The above may take 3 to 7 days to heal.

Final Thoughts

My feet are wider than the average person, my feet are technically a size 10 and a half but I wear size 11 because of the fit. Very few basketball shoes are made for wide feet, to make matters worse I need my own pair of insoles to add to the shoes. This means I have to take out the insoles that come with them if they are thin, and add my own orthotic insole which are built for my flat feet that provide the support needed for when I play basketball.

Some shoes specifically the Kobe Bryant shoes have a really thick insole and if I take them out I will be left with what feels like a flipflop for support and cushion for my feet. I received a pair of Kobe hoes for my birthday and I can barely wear them as I have to put my orthotic overtop this thick insoles. It causes blisters on the top of my feet. I can only wear them once in a while. Luckily I had an old used insole from a Kobe shoe that I switched out with the newer ones. If your in my situation maybe this gives you a few ideas to do the same.



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