Should I Quit Basketball? Yes & No!


Growing up I played a lot of sports, and nothing came harder besides golf then the game of basketball. It was by far the most difficult sport to excel at, I wasn’t naturally better than everyone like the other sports I played with my peers. Basketball is an unforgiving sport in which practicing many hours to improve can still result in total failure when it comes to being effective on the court.

Should I quit basketball? Yes and No, this depends entirely what your goals are and expectations of the game of basketball. If you are realistic with yourself and you have given yourself a fair shot to improving at the game or feel you are not cut out to play the sport, you may feel you want to quit. If you feel you can better utilize the time in other areas in your life positively, it may be a good reason to quit. But no, if you haven’t given yourself a fair shot at the game, as it takes many hours of skill development and learning. The reality of any sport is you get what you put in to the game.

There are many reason to feel the uncertainty of your decision to play or leave basketball. Sometimes the answer is easy other times it can be harder, but what’s most important is that you are happy and will not regret your decision down the road.

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What happens if you stop playing basketball?

Understand in the end basketball is just a sport, and if it’s not your sport maybe your just not cut out for it. Maybe you joined the team because all your friends are on it. Either way if your expectations are too high, this will cause a lot of issues with how you feel about playing on the team if you can not meet those requirements for yourself.
Sometimes quitting resets your thought processes and allows you to realize what you want when it comes to your extra curricular activities. You may leave basketball to try a new sport that you fall in love with. Quitting could also mean a new found love for the game to commit and push yourself harder for the next season, to show all those that you felt didn’t think you were worthy to be on the team.
I don’t believe quitting a team is necessarily a bad thing, players who are not having fun and are force to play on a basketball team can make the current team toxic to others who want to be there and play. Regardless if the team is under performing or not. Other times players who do not see eye to eye with a coach may never see eye to eye with them. I have had long talk was with players on my team and no matter what i did or say they were very hard headed, impossible to coach. These types of players are unfortunately a me player, all they care about is themselves at the cost of the team. The team should always come first and most often then not these players tend to cut themselves.
What’s your motivation to play? If you don’t know this could be the reason your not invested. If you lose that motivation it could cause to feel like your just going through the motions eventually becoming uninterested and wanting to quit.

Quitting a sport you love

My sophmore year in high school I quit the basketball team, the reason? I felt the coach only played the seniors which was true, he also played a player who was extremely good in his freshman year but was not even close to being the player he was in his senior year. I felt I deserved to play more as when we played in tournaments I was the leading scorer on the team. A lot of the players wouldn’t show up to these meaningless tournaments as they worked a regular part time job and could care less.
When it came to regular season games my confidence was rattled, why wasn’t I starting or finishing games, I just couldn’t understand. I quit, and felt I had a good reason too. But my former coach who the following year became my coach my senior year convinced me to rejoin that team. I did but didn’t care about what happened that season. I was so determined already for next year and man it was the best thing that coach that didn’t could have done to me.
You see, I was buried in my on beliefs of how good I was when I really wasn’t that great. As soon as the season ended, I got to the gym and I worked my ass off every chance I could, telling myself I am going to make sure every coach I play for has no choice but to play me because of my skill and talent.
In the end I became a lights out shooter, this would never have happened if reality didn’t set in. Things happen in life some times for the best. I quit the sport but didn’t have too and the outcome would of been the same, whether I had left the team or not. I was just thinking of next season, we weren’t a very good team and although I felt I wasn’t treated fairly that further from the truth, I wasn’t much better then most of the players anyways. How was that going to get me noticed if I am barely better than the next guy. Who wants to hear me complain about playing time? Nobody. It was the best thing that happened to my game.

Should You Quit Basketball your Senior Year?

Many of us thinking in the now, instead of thinking ahead of time. Although you may want to stop playing basketball or not play at all in your senior year, it may come back to haunt you. I know a lot of basketball players who didn’t even try out their senior year only to regret it and they turned out be great basketball players. On the flip side if your someone who wants to quit their senior year who is already on the team and things are not going the way you thought it would, ask yourself….
What’s the point in quitting, it really isn’t like you can go play elsewhere, why not make the most of it. This may be the last time you play on a basketball team, embrace the experience. At the least you can hang out with friends and have some fun. I would really encourage quitting as a last resort in your senior year, a you can and will regret it. When we are young we see things differently then when we are much older and I am willing to bet on day you will realize it was a mistake to leave the team without finishing the season.

How to Tell your Coach You Quit

This is something that is important to do in private, I had many players who flat out quit by telling the other players on the team that they were done. Not a great move, as if you are emotional and make a poor decision based on emotions like quitting the team a coach is more likely to not welcome you back if you realize it was a mistake.

How do you tell your coach you want to quit? You tell them in private, and don’t hold back. Voice your concerns and why you want to quit, leave out al on the table. Sometimes things are not what you thought they were and the coach in fact ha a bigger role for you on the team that you didn’t even realize. Your coach might provide a perspective that you didn’t see and it may even help you get back on your feet instead with your head down.

It is really important to keep an open mind when speaking to your coach, and actually listen to what he has to say. You may be in the situation I was him and it could only benefit you good or bad. I would want a coach to tell me that I need more work on my defense or offense and then I have something that I know I have to really work on. Being talented gets noticed, it’s like a good song, doesnt matter who it signing it, a good song is a good song. Just ike a basketball player.



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