What is a Rebound in Basketball? Explained!


In basketball, the object of the game is to put the basket into the hoop and score as many times as you can before regulation time expires. The more opportunities you have during the game the better. When a player misses a shot and it hits the rim another player will recover it on its way down from the basket. This is a stat in basketball and an important skill also.

What is a rebound in basketball? A rebound in basketball is the result of a missed shot attempt by the offensive team in which a player attempting a shot at the basket has hit the rim, backboard, or a combination of the two. The basketball travels away from the basket to one of the teams on offense or defensive jockey for position to recover the basketball in order to gain possession of the basketball to try and attempt to score.

Being big and strong in basketball is an advantage of getting more rebounds. Of course, it helps to jump high and have great timing. Rebounding is no easy task, but the majority of the rebounds in basketball will go to the post positions.

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Two Types Of Rebounds

There are two types of rebounds in basketball offensive and defensive. Each is recorded in basketball as a stat of total rebounds in which the defensive rebounds and offensive rebounds are added together to make up this stat. It can also be recorded as individual rebounds for each category.

Defensive Rebounds

Defensive rebounds are a result of a miss by the opposing team, generally, the defending team has the best position to grab the rebound as they are in between their man or check and the basket. The offense usually has to juke and jokey for position around the defender in order to get the rebound or get a lucky bounce off the rim in which it rebounds over the defender.

Offensive Rebounds

Offensive rebounds happen when the offensive player rebounds a missed shot attempt from themselves missing a shot or their teammate. Offensive rebounds are much harder to get as a basketball player and require a lot of skill and anticipation. Offensive rebounds happen more often by the player who attempted the shot near the basket, rebounding their own miss.

What position gets the most rebounds in basketball?

The positions that can attain the most rebounds in basketball are the power forward and center position. This because they play closer to the basket than the guards do. Not only are they closer to the basket but they are usually the tallest and strongest on the team on average. The game underneath the basket is very physical in play and for good reason, when the basketball rebounds off the rim, it is fair game for anyone to recover.

Why rebounding is important in basketball?

A team that can rebound the basketball well, has a very good chance of winning the game. The more rebounds your team can get against the team that your playing against, the more opportunities on offense you will receive, and the fewer opportunities while you’re on defense the opposing team will get at second-chance points.

What is a box out?

A box out in basketball is simply a player positioning themself to gain an advantage underneath the basket in order to attain the rebound. What this looks like is having a player on the offense or defense (doesn’t matter who) on their backside with their knees bent ready to jump up and reach for the basketball while timing their jump to grab mid-air.

Some people believe basketball is a physical sport especially as players are very physical when they are trying to box out and rebound the ball. Boxing out anywhere on the court is so crucial as no player really knows how if the basketball is going into the basket when a shot is taken and does not know exactly where the ball will bounce around the rim and which side it will come off of. Rebounding is a team effort.

Boxing out prevents players who are stronger and can jump higher from getting the rebound. Position is more important than being able to jump high or overpower a player. If a player on offense were to jump over a player who was boxing out this could lead to a foul by the offensive player called over the back. This foul occurs as the player makes contact with the rebounder and impedes in his space. The foul itself is not actually called over the back but a common foul.


What makes a great rebounder?

Being tall and jumping high help with being a good rebounder. But it is important to not rely on this alone when trying to rebound the basketball. This leads to errors in boxing out or even attempting to box out as you are relying on your natural talents to do the job. When you box out you create a bigger space in front of you while extending the space behind you to jump up for the basketball giving yourself more room to rebound the ball.

Timing, anticipation, and energy are key. Working your but off after every missed shot is important when players are tired but your willingness to give it your all to get that board when no one else is interested is very important.

Timing and anticipation come with experience, the more you practice rebounding and watch how the basketball comes off the rim the more you’re able to read how and where the basketball is likely to go. Rebounding the basketball on offense is a great way to score some easy baskets.

One tip is if you know the player who shots the basketball isn’t a very good shooter and they shoot outside of their range it’s more than likely to bounce off the rim harder and farther than usual.  Another tip is if you notice the shooters on your team tend to miss short more than they miss long this is something to take into consideration. Watching players and how they consistently miss their shot will help you know where you should be when they shoot from certain spots.



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