What Does “Wet” Mean In Basketball? Explained


What is the term wet in regards to basketball? No it doesn’t mean that a basketball player is drenched in sweat from playing basketball all day. The term wet means something completely different than that.

What Does “Wet” mean in basketball? The term “Wet” is slang or a figure of speech in basketball, when a player shoots a basketball into the hoop and it swishes, the player shooting will say wet. Shooting the basketball into the net and it swishes symbolizes a splash in the water, it really doesn’t matter how the ball goes in when shot players will sill use the slang wet to describe their shot.

This can also be a good shot taken, while bystanders and fans could say “his shot is wet”. It is another way to say the player is on a streak making a few baskets in a row.

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Wet Like Water – Swish

Many basketball players use this term as they are setting up to take their shot, they will yell out WET in the face of the player that is playing defense and contesting their shot. They do this for a couple of reasons, One, they are feeling it and made the last couple baskets in a row down the court. Two, this builds confidence in players while they are shooting and they fell like they know it’s going in.

Youtuber “Cashnasty” is known for yelling out this term during his basketball videos constantly. Before he even shoots the ball he yells out “Wet Like Water”. While the term is becoming more popular it’s actually a common word that has been used in basketball pickup games for years.

Wet is still used even if the ball hits the rim and goes in, most often the term is used anyhow in any way to describe the ball splashing the basketball hoop’s net like a rock thrown in the ocean water.


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