How high is the top of the backboard? | Answered!


The regulation height of a basketball hoop used by pros and amateurs around the world is 10 feet or 120 inches high. But just how many feet is the top of the backboard…

How high is the top of the backboard on a regulation-sized hoop? The top of the basketball backboard made of tempered glass is 13 feet high or 156 inches tall. The backboard itself is 6 feet by 3 and a half feet, which also starts 6 inches below the rim at 9 and a half feet.

We are going to take a look at more on the dimensions of the backboard and some of the common questions basketball players have about the backboard such as the layup square and how tall this square is. Why also basketball players don’t use the backboard more often.

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Basketball Backboard Dimensions

The backboard itself is measure 6 feet by 3 and a half feet or otherwise know in inches as 72 inches by 42 inches. The top of the basketball backboard is thirteen feet. While the very bottom of the backboard is 9 feet 6 inches, six inches lower than the ten-foot rim. The white square used for a basketball player to aim when attempting a layup is 2 feet by 1 and a half feet. The top of this square is 11 and a half feet.

Has anyone touched the top of the backboard?

Yes, this guy has check out the video below, the Vert Tech Device which is used to measure one’s vertical leap, in the video it is leveled with the top of the backboard.

Why is there a square on the backboard?

The square on the backboard is known sometimes as the magic square it is white 2 inches thick around and is 24 inches by 18 inches in size. There really isn’t a universal term for this square but the square is used as a reference in where to aim when shooting a layup, hook shot, or a bank shot. This gives the shooter a focal point or a guide on where to aim when taking a shot.


Does hitting the Square on the backboard guarantee a make?

This will depend on a number of variables when shooting including the angle, the touch, and height. There are many angles and heights from one location on the square you could hit from the same spot on the court and the basketball can still enter the basket.

With the right touch and angle most of the time when you do shoot the shot off the backboard, at the right angle and touch you have a very high percentage of making the shot.


Why don’t NBA players use the backboard more?

Players in the NBA do use the backboard more than you think, layups, post-up moves using a drop step, and bank shots from around the rim. From 10 feet or beyond you don’t see a whole lot of bank shots this is because of a couple of reasons. One there is only a certain angle on the court where you could use the bank shot making it less desirable. We are talking about a spot in between the baseline elbow, which is a very small area you need to be in.

The second reason is simple the center position in basketball is dying and it is becoming a guard game in the NBA with more outside shooting and a much fast-paced game. The last player to consistently use the backboard was Tim Duncan. Players from time to time still use the bank shot, but Duncan was probably the most consistent in terms of using it every game.

Can you shoot from behind the backboard?

Yes, you can shoot from behind the backboard and many players have made this shot look easy. The shot does count as long as it doesn’t touch the brackets or hit the shot clock.

Can you use the backboard on free throws?

Yes, you can use the backboard to shoot free throws but the question should be if you should? Shooting the basketball off the backboard is like shooting to make a swish. Making a shot off the backboard means there is no room for error, it has to be a perfect shot. You need the right power and accuracy for the ball to go into the basket.

You are better trying to shoot your shot directly at the rim with a soft touch, and backspin so the ball has a better chance of making it into the basket even with room for error. A shot attempt off the backboard, will more than likely hit the backboard hard which means it will have a harder time slowing down and make it into the rim.





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