How good are bad NBA players?


How often do we watch basketball on t.v. and a player misses a shot and we think to ourselves man that guy sucks, or he’s garbage. But realistically he doesn’t suck, in fact, we know he doesn’t suck because he plays professional basketball. That player may suck in relation to the other players he’s is playing against or with, but he doesn’t actually suck especially against players like you and I.

In fact, I am willing to bet, we could get schooled if we played the worse players in the NBA in a one-on-one game and I am also willing to bet that some of these players would dominate or even lead the other professional basketball leagues in scoring if they played.

The reality of basketball is that there are too few superstars and even all-star roles in the NBA. Not everyone can be one a player with superstar status. Can you imagine being the best player in middle school, high school, and college, then when you get to the NBA after just destroying every league you played in and dominated every player you played against. You think this is easy, but then you enter the NBA and are culture shocked. You then think to yourself you never experienced anything like this before, how do you even adapt. That guy never misses, this guy can dunk from the bench and that guy plays with his eyes closed and still averages 20 points a game.

Players will to start to think they were not cut out for this, and they don’t belong in the league. It is a mental road block you have to overcome and most don’t. They have all the skills necessary to play in the NBA but just can’t wrap their head around playing in way that they are not used to.

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NBA players vs A Normal person

Steve Nash vs the Average Basketball Player

Steve Nash is probably not your most athletic player when it comes to NBA standards, but to the average basketball Joe, that’s a different story. A friend of mine who was the best player in high school in our province in the late 1990s. He was invited to the NIKE I.D. camp in Victoria B.C. where Steve Nash was from and would be to make a special appearance and coach for an hour.

All the best players were invited to this camp across Canada. My friend was 6 feet tall and could dunk while standing still underneath the basket, this is how athletic he was. He was quick could dribble and could score on anyone. I watch him dominate ex-college players at the age of 14 years old.

Back to the camp. they meet Steve Nash and at this time Nash was still making a name for himself with the Dallas Mavericks in his early years in the NBA. So, Nash had all the players line up on the baseline and told each one of them to beat him one on one using the full court. All they had to do was get by him anyway they could. My friend thought this would be easy, but I think you could guess what happened. Nash who is the least athletic player in the NBA again by NBA standards did not allow a single player including my friend go by him they couldn’t even back him up. These were aspiring future basketball stars or so they thought, their dreams were crushed, they probably realized that maybe they weren’t even close to making their dream a reality. Thanks, Steve Nash.


Who was the worse NBA player ever?

The worse basketball player to ever play in the NBA is a matter of opinion. Statistically, JamesOn Curry could be considered the worse player in the league ever only playing 3.9 secs with the Los Angeles Clippers. He had the shortest NBA career, but does that make him the worse player ever? probably not, considering he never had a chance.

No player in the NBA sucks or is bad in general. It takes talent to make the NBA, and it is unrealistic to think that everyone who makes the NBA is going to be a star, it’s just not possible you will have your winners and losers, that’s the way the game is.

How long is the average NBA player last?

The average NBA career of a player lasts 4 and a half years. This is a remarkable statistic that many fans don’t realize, if you have surpassed that amount of time in the NBA that is a feat in itself. Approximately over 4100 college players could be eligible for the draft every year, while only 60 of those players make it to the league and we haven’t even considered overseas players. An interesting stat on NCAA website shows that one percent make it to the NBA or I should say get drafted, you still have to find a way on the team even after being drafted by a team. While 20 percent of players who play college basketball, will go on to play professional basketball around the world.


Brian Scalabrine “The White Mamba”

Brian Scalabrine was called the “White Mamba” in the NBA and was most known for his play with the Boston Celtics in which he was a fan favorite. His stats are the least impressive, to say the least.

Scalabrine wasn’t athletic and barely scored and didn’t do anything fancy. Most fans of the NBA hated on him and thought he sucked. Scalabrine took offense to this and along with a radio station issued a challenge, called the Scalabrine challenge. Basically, the challenge revolved around average Joe’s playing Scalbrine in a one on one game. Seeing if they could beat him. Some of these guys are former college players also, and he even plays the radio show hosts 3 on 1.

Well nobody was even close to beating him, many people don’t even realize the size and stature of Scalabrine. He could have easily posted up everyone but didn’t, mixing it up with inside and outside shooting and also some driving to the basket.

I think as fans we tend to forget that pro athletes, in general, are a different breed. Not just anyone can make the NBA that is nonsense, if it was easy then there would be no NBA. Every NBA player was a superstar at some point in their career for a few years in their own way. Whether its junior high, high school or college. Just because they were not an all-star or superstar in the NBA doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Most NBA players will go elsewhere to another pro basketball league and could dominate or at least put up very good numbers.


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