Can you Play Basketball with Airpods?

Working on your basketball game takes hard work and a lot of effort, sometimes we need motivation. Especially when at times you just don’t feel like playing. There have been many times when I didn’t feel like playing basketball, that I know if only I had some music to listen to while I did shooting drills it would be ten times easier. Now that Apples Airpods are on the market it is.

Can you play basketball with Airpods? Yes, you can and you should. The Airpods are an excellent wireless earphone with many options to suit your needs. You don’t have to worry about bulky head phones or wires getting in the way while you play. You now can play full-court basketball games with the headphones off and still hear everything going on around you with the new feature of voice transparency.

If you were looking for an headphones that would work while playing basketball whether you are just shooting around, warming up, or actually playing you have to get yourself a pair of these. The options are endless, you will realize how powerful the Airpods are when you try them.

If you rather skip to Amazon to check if a pair of Airpods Pro are available click the image below to find out more…

Should You Get Airpods To Play Basketball In?

I always love the idea of playing basketball with headphones on. The problem was with wired headphones the cord would constantly get in the way when you shooting around or dribbling. The weight of the headphones cord would loosen up the ear buds in the ear causing it to come out of the ear frequently.

Sometimes your arm would get caught in the cord also which would also cause it come out., Or they all together fall out of your ears just moving around. No way was this an option to play a full-court basketball game in, you probably would look ridiculous with the cord swinging back and forth as you are running.

Then some wireless headphones showed up on the scene which was great, extremely expensive when they first came out. But they were a step forward from the corded headphones. The problem for me was I did not like the headphones squishing my ears together, it was quite annoying after wearing them for a while and it made my ears really hot, they felt like they were on fire.

I never shot around too long in them as it would start to get uncomfortable. Again you can’t really where them to play, as you probably will end up risk breaking them if they get knocked off or fall of your head. Plus for the price of some of these nobody is taking that chance.

Finally, the Airpods arrived and immediately I thought the solution to all my problems, I can finally shoot around in these and won’t have any issues. Then to my surprise I could go for long comfortable runs without any issues. Could I play full-court basketball also? You bet.

Airpods Pro Features:

The features when it comes to the Airpods are awesome and there are many:

  • You don’t need and apple to device to pair them. Any phone or device works as long as it has bluetooth.
  • You can wear one Airpod head phone, so you can save battery life. You could use one and charge the other and then switch them.
  • Five hour battery life.
  • 3 hours of charge in 15 minutes. Yup!
  • Voice control with siri.
  • Tell you who’s calling without looking.
  • Read your messages for you.
  • Change your songs without your phone etc.
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for proper fit.
  • Sweat and water resistant

Noise modes:

  • Noise cancellation mode, blocks outside noise from coming in. A mic picks up the noise and blocks it from entering using their sound technology.
  • Noise transparency mode, lets outside noise in, so you can hear what’s going on around you. Great to hear what is going on around you if you are playing in a basketball game so you can communicate with your teammates when you need to and hear what others are saying.

The range on the Airpods are excellent you shouldn’t have any issues leaving your phone in your bag and putting it on the side of the court and playing. Full Court basketball is no problem as the Airpods have a good range on them.

But don’t think you could leave your phone at home and go for a run and think your good to go. Unfortunately, that is not the case, you have to be in range with your phone to pick up the bluetooth.

Does Sweat Ruin The Airpods?

Your Airpods pro is water and sweat resistant, but as far as playing water sports or swimming and showering with them on they are not designed in that way. Maybe next year.

If you are playing basketball they will do the job and you really won’t have to worry about ruining them due too much sweat or water getting in them. Apple fully understands that many people do workout go for jogs while wearing headphones and in this case the Airpods.

How well do Airpods Stay In?

When you purchase the Airpods you receive three sizes of earbuds to use and find which is most comfortable for you so you should play around and see which ones will stay in while playing basketball or working out.

If those don’t seem to fit there are other options on the market such as fins for headphones that wrap around the ear for comfort and secure the Airpod to your ear. The last thing you would want is to go for a run and they fall out as your running only to lose them. They are not very big either, most won’t even know you are wearing them. Click on the image to take you to Amazon.

If you do not like the look are the style of the fins you could always try purchasing a different set and size ear buds for the Airpod Pro. They come with a case and 3 different size buds to try.

Other Options

There are other options if you feel the Airpods are just not in your price range, there are more affordable ones on the market although not with the same specifications or features but they get the job done. It may be worth taking a look and see what you prefer. Click here! Check out the list of wireless headphones.



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