Best Post-Game Basketball Sandals to Wear


If you’re like me, you like to wear socks and sandals to and from basketball games, leagues and pickup games, it doesn’t matter. I do it to air out my feet, avoid putting my sweaty feet into a perfectly good pair of clean shoes. I also do this because it’s comfortable especially after playing hours of basketball, my feet are sore, and like the comfort and freedom of my feet in sandals.

Let me introduce you to the most comfortable sandal on the market that won’t empty your wallet or break the bank. This Adidas sandal called the Adidas Men’s Adilette Comfort Slide Sandal is by far the most comfortable sandal I have ever worn. The cushion of the sandal makes you feel like you’re walking on sand. They’re perfect for someone that has had foot issues and just needs some relief.

The price compared to other sandals you really can’t go wrong.  You pick them up on Amazon. When you try them on if they are not the most comfortable sandal you’ve ever worn than you can send them back.

Adidas Men’s Adilette Comfort Slide Sandal

As a basketball player wearing socks with sandals is actually ok, although most of the world thinks its the worse fashion statement on the planet, but to us as basketball players its the style and its comfortable. Most ballers will pull up to the park wearing sandals with socks and don’t care. When we are done playing we take of our basketball shoes and socks and put on the sandals we walked in with. This is comfortable for us, and probably that won’t change.

First Key Feature: Comfort

 You probably have sandals right now that are old and flat and feel like the only thing between your foot and the concrete is a piece of rubber or now worn ou rubber that feels like cardboard. That is probably ninety-nine percent of sandals people are wearing right now.

I’m willing to bet if you put these sandals on right now you will want to buy a couple of more pairs in fear that one day they will stop making them. They are that comfortable, it feels like a gel pad underneath your feet when walking.

With the contoured footbed, which feels like a gel molding to your foot with every step you take no wonder it provided so much relief for my feet when I was having issues.

It’s lightweight which when walking you don’t even realize you have them on, it kind of feels like your walking barefooted, which again I really like.


The second Key Feature: Style

I’m a pretty basic individual and the black and white Adidas Sandals might not impress everyone but they get the job done and look good with everything. From, jeans shorts, capris if that’s your thing, they are pretty much unisex.  I see females wearing them all the time, not just the guys I really like that they are really easy to clean as I have worn them to the beach and they have been covered in sand and mud and the dirt comes off easily with a wet cloth.


The Thrid Key Feature: Price

 If you look at the reviews customers are extremely satisfied with the sandal both with the overall comfort and price. You get a sandal with a reasonable cost for the comfort which compared to the competitors are sometimes double or triple the cost. I have done the research, well ok maybe not myself my wife did, but you won’t be disappointed.

I have worn the sandals for over a year now, inside my house during my Achilles problems and outside to the beach and they are of good quality and it doesn’t appear that I will need another pair soon. But if I do decide to buy another pair of sandals you can bet that I am picking up another pair of Adidas Men’s Adilette Comfort Slide Sandal.


The Most Comfortable Sandal for the Price

I received these sandals from my wife who purchased them for my birthday. When I put the Adidas sandals on for the first thing I realized that they were by far the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. My wife, although our feet are not the same size also tried them on and was surprised at how comfortable, they were. I also have wide feet and they fit me perfectly. If you don’t have wide feet they still fit you great. Sandals in general do not take that much space in a bag so you can take them with you where ever you go, I always put them in my gym bag when I play basketball out of fear they go missing, I just love them that much. 

The reason I wear them to play ball is simple when you’re done playing basketball the last thing you want to do is put on another shoe on your feet because your feet will continue to sweat, as the body temperature is still hot and your feet are still perspiring trying to cool off. Wearing shoes makes your feet continuously sweat while trapping smell and odors in your shoes and we all know how that plays out after a while of doing this. This can cause a perfectly good pair of shoes to stink especially if you’re not wearing socks after you are done playing, you make it far worse.

 Because I’m much older now I have developed some problematic feet especially after playing basketball. My feet become really sore after playing ball, it would get to the point where the aches and pains would not go away for a couple of days.

More recently  I have developed Achilles tendonitis from playing basketball while wearing uncomfortable shoes and insoles on my feet thinking I didn’t need the supports. It has become a nagging injury that has taken a lot of time to heal. I have seen physiotherapists, but they couldn’t help. I then saw a foot doctor and luckily and they prescribed me some orthotics, that’s another story. 

During that time I woke up every morning and was in severe pain, even in the middle of the night with soreness, walking in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom was painful. Iw ould hobble over and straight-legged as there was not much blood flow to the joints while sleeping. It was so bad I think I rather wear adult diapers than have to get up. Okay maybe not.

These sandals were so helpful in providing relief for the pain I was suffering, that I would wear them in the house due to my hardwood floors were adding to the problem as it was a hard surface. My feet and Achilles couldn’t take it anymore. The comfort that I would get from these sandals was awesome.

If your looking for comfort and simple style you can’t go wrong with the price, I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than a comfortable sandal after playing basketball. You are exhausted from playing and don’t want to move, there is nothing better than putting on those sandals and leaving with comfort instead of pain.



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