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I can’t tell you the number of times that I have lost a brand new basketball that I spent over 50 dollars on all because I forgot it at the basketball court because I was in a hurry to get home.

The feeling of losing a good basketball sucks especially if you didn’t bother to mark your basketball especially in a unique way that someone would rather return it than steal or take it. A basketball that has a name on it or is unique is less likely taken. Not saying the ball won’t go missing, but if my name is Brian, I really don’t want a basketball that says Larry in huge writing on it.

So this guide I have for you today is the best way to mark your basketball so you don’t lose it or have someone take it. Ill show you how to customize your basketball and even where to buy basketballs with your name already engraved in the leather.

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Why mark your basketball?

I have gone through a lot of basketball equipment, such as water bottles, basketballs, and almost a pair of special edition Kobe basketball shoes that I left by my bench after my basketball game. Luckily a spectator who is a friend of mine noticed me wearing them because they were bright and shiny. He realized I left them at the game and retrieved them for me.

Maybe it’s just me that basketballs are going missing, but a good leather basketball does not come cheap, and once you go indoor leather you never go back and you never want to play with anything less.

Many players at the basketball court have similar basketballs and this can cause confusion among players, it is hard to tell who’s basketball is who. This can cause a lot of problems. The solution is to customize your ball in a way so no one takes it and  so no one wants to take it. If you think this will ruin the basketball, it won’t, dribbling is far worse for the ball than putting a little ink on it.

How to customize your basketball with a permanent marker?

The cheapest option to customize your basketball is the good old permanent marker. Yup! you’re just going to grab any black permanent marker and mark your ball with however big or small letters you want. Usually, you put your name on it, I highly recommend marking your ball in big letters on one of the panels separated by the seems.

This way you are able to spot the ball when you leave the court and most people are less likely to take a basketball with someone else name on it, as this just screams not mine.

You can technically decorate your basketball however you want with the marker, color a whole panel on the ball to make it stick out more.

Another way to mark your ball without anyone noticing but for you to know if its your basketball or not is to take the black permanent marker and where the air valve is to make the valve bigger with the marker by coloring around it an extra centimetre. Making the air valve shape which is a circle bigger.

It is very discreet but you know its yours as the valve and the black marker blend together making it seem camouflage. This way if there is any disagreement on who’s ball it is you can point to the marker around the valve showing them why it’s yours.


Buy a Customize basketball with your name on it?

This is a great option and a great gift for a basketball player. How cool would it be to have your basketball with your name and number engraved in it? I am not sure I would even want to play basketball with it. But on the market you can buy basketball’s with your name on it. Makes a great Christmas gift or Birthday gift.

Some basketballs allow you to get an image or a quote on it. This would be an awesome gift by coaches to their players with a message and a picture of their team on the basketball. How can you go wrong with a gift like that. A great memory of the time on the team and awesome memorabilia.

Some have a whole message from that special someone in your life. How awesome would it be to remind you of an inspirational quote as your struggling to play. You can look down at your ball for motivation. If you want to take a look at other basketballs on the market in which you can get your name or message inscribed click here!


Using a paint pen to color the seems of the basketball?

This is a great idea that I picked up on youtube you can find the video below but basically, you buy this paint pen and shake it up like a can of spray paint, the brighter the color the better. If you use a color like pink or neon green you will see your basketball from a mile away.


From the video, above you can see how from afar you can spot your basketball when you’re looking for it as you re finished playing for the day. Nothing worse than trying to find your basketball in a gym packed with basketball players for 15 minutes when all you want to do is just go home. You can click on the image below for some acrylic paint pens. You could even go so far and decorate the whole basketball if you want.

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