What Is The Short Corner In Basketball? With Tips

The short corner is a term basketball fans and new players are not to familiar with, but as a basketball player it is a great spot to be in to pick up easy and open baskets close to the hoop. The short corner is not a confusing term at all.

What is the short corner in basketball? The short corner is not a difficult basketball jargon to understand, if you were to stand in between the halfway mark of the key and the three-point line beside the baseline this is where the short corner is. You are lined up with the corner beside the baseline, it is advantageous to basketball players to utilize this spot on the court to break zone defenses, rebounding and scoring easy baskets.

The short corner is a great way to spread the defense while looking for cutters towards the basket, for an easy pass. The benefits of utilizing this position on the court are man, a simple in-turn and shoot are enough for some open shots and easy baskets.

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Where is the short corner on the court?

If your still unsure of where the short corner is go to the baseline and face the far basket, now stand between the sideline and the edge of the backboard. You are now standing in the short corner. Big or small being able to play the short corner you will be able to pick up points and rebounds from this position.


Making a living from the short corner

You can make a living playing the short corner, understand you will need good timing, persistence and will need to play aggressively. Always try to be on the opposite side of the ball there is good reason for this, the penetration from the guards will force your defender to help on defense opening you up for an easy pass and score. If not an easy pass, a miss layup  attempt, you are there to clean up the rebound.

From the weak side of the short corner you can also flash to the center of the key as soon as the defense looks away from you and sees the ball. Opening you up for a turn around hook. If you feel them on your back a simple pump fake will help.

Spreading the defense on a 2-3 zone by playing short corner is one of my favorite things to do against the zone. I am 5’9 and love getting easy shots from there, its honestly too easy, if you are a good shooter. I must admit during men’s leagues nobody really knows how to play zone anyways. You also have an easy pass down the middle when there is no shot as the center man has committed to you leaving the lane open.

Sidelines and baselines

The sidelines are two boundary lines on the basketball court that are 94 feet long. The baselines are the en boundaries underneath the hoop measured at 50 feet wide. These two boundaries make the corners like the shape of the rectangle. The play area of the basketball court, 4700 feet.


Short Corner Plays

You will notice during a zone they will overload the ball side making the defense choose who to guard, there are so many available options if you have good passers and players who can see the floor.


Short Corner Attack in Zones

you will see in this video how you should go about getting the ball in the short corner, your coming underneath the player on the baseline and when you receive the ball you more often then not can in turn and shoot. But in this case the pass was there.

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