Low Rim Dunking Increase Your Vertical Jump


Practicing jumping is one of the best things you can do to increase your vertical, even professional dunkers approve of this. Yet too many athletes want a special program to help them jump higher, which most often than not is a waste of time. All that time they wasted they could be trying to dunk just by jumping.

Below I have lower rim suggestions on how you can increase your vertical by dunking on adjustable rims and using progression to improve your vertical leap and jump technique. please read the whole article if you can if not jump halfway down to progression with balls.

Playing basketball as a kid was just soo much fun. I had a best friend in which I pretty much was at his house constantly, First thing in the morning I would call him to play. If he was sleeping I would show up to his house go to his back yard where his hoop was and start playing. As a kid, I remember us spending hours dunking on this adjustable hoop with the pole stuck in the ground. We would lower t dunk, we would raise it higher and try to dunk to challenge ourselves. It was so much fun to just dunk constantly on the rim, doing all sorts of trick dunks and mimick our favorite players we seen on t.v.

At one point I was jumping extremely high, I had hops at that time, it came to the point where the hoop did not go higher then 8 feet 9 inches as we discovered one day when his dad asked us what we were doing and we asked him why isn’t this go any higher as if we discovered a problem after years of dunking on this hoop. He said yeah I put the pole a foot in the ground more than it was supposed to so it would be sturdy. It sure was sturdy, but it was like at that moment that I stopped caring to dunk on this rim as it was just too easy now there was no challenge, and I started to focus on improving my basketball game.

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Lower Rim Dunking to Increase Vertical Jump

As a kid, I loved to jump because I knew I could jump high but never did I think that I would one day dunk 10 feet as this was just looked so far away and I wasn’t even close to touching the rim, so it felt like.

Although I started to work on my fundamentals of basketball and put jumping on the back seat, It was as if my vertical halted and I didn’t see any more improvements for the next couple of years in fact, it wasn’t until my senior year when I saw a 6-inch increase from playing volleyball for my school team.

Shortly after that I did all kinds of programs and tried to increase my vertical with some success here and there while I was able to miss dunks of self-lobs and grab the rim with two hands I never was able to flush one in.

It always dawned on me that at some point I could have been almost dunking 10 feet early in life had that rim gone higher than 8 feet 9 inches, it was just too easy so it felt like. But if I could go back and find a way to maybe buy myself my own basketball hoop I would have done things differently.


Progression Different Ball Sizes for Dunking

Here is what I would have done:

I would warm up with some jump rope or low rim dunking doing all sorts of dunks until I broke a sweat. I would raise it to a height on the adjustable rim that is difficult for you to dunk and start dunking each of these balls until one of the balls below gives you difficulty.

Now you need a few balls:

  • Golf ball (can be plastic for safety)
  • Racquetball.
  • Tennis ball.
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Size 3 basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Rubber basketball size 5 (bright orange one)
  • Women’s ball size 6
  • Men’s ball size 7

I understand you may not have access to all 10 of these balls but the level of progression you can get is beneficial to you. You don’t have to have the ball, you could substitute it for a similar size ball. You will find the ball you are having trouble with, you continue to keep dunking with this ball until you are dunking consistently, moving up to the next highest ball after you have dunk consistently on the height and with the ball you have chosen. It should get easier.


Another option involving plywood

For this option, you would need 5 pieces of 4×4 – 1 inch thick pieces of plywood.

I would raise the rim to one level lower than the height of which you are having trouble dunking on. So if I was having trouble dunking 9 feet 6 inches then I would lower the rim to 9 feet. I would put a piece of plywood under the base of the portable basketball hoop making the hoop now 9 feet 1 inch high and attempt to use all the balls listed above as an option. If I could get through all the ball no problem I would put the second piece of plywood, so that you have 2 inches thick of plywood making the hoop 9 feet 2 inches, go through all the balls above and keep adding plywood till it becomes difficult. So that might be 4 inches of plywood underneath the base of the hoop.

You really don’t need to use all those balls that just an option, you could get away with few different size balls with no problems and attempt to keep dunking and do it that way.

Dunk Dad – Journey to Dunking Follow Me

I am 37 years old and I am starting a journal here on this blog of living the dream of once again of attempting to dunk a basketball. How I am going to do it is unconventional, I am going to squat almost every day with heavyweight yup, forget hat conventional wisdom has taught me, and adjustable rim dunking. Using progression with balls and plywood with the portable adjustable I will be dunking on. I am hoping to get my hops back to when I was young. Click down below to follow along with me…


Click Here, Follow Along


Increasing Your Vertical Jump Jumping

The great thing about low rim dunking is no matter what you are going to try and jump your highest on every jump no matter what height the rim is. You will also be trying to jump your highest trying to do all sorts of different dunks. Reverse, 360 and between the legs does not matter, your going to attempt a dunk like this you will be jumping your highest.

This is a good thing, this is what you want, max effort jumps is the way to go. It is a great confidence booster and at the same time, you are perfecting the jumping technique that works for you.

Many basketball players are always asking, how can I improve my vertical jump? I always ask how much have you been jumping? If your doing weight training and plyometrics but have not jumped a lot then how do you expect your vertical to increase without practicing your jumps. That’s like weight lifting and working on shooting form without a hoop, but not shooting the basketball at the hoop at all.

I am willing to bet these types of athletes who don’t jump a whole lot go from program to program, it would be enough to work out with weights get your squat and deadlift numbers up all while practicing dunking on lower rims or jumping and reaching for something if you don’t have a rim to dunk on. Once you get really strong you can start adding power exercises.

Those who do jump from program to program never really see results as they completely forget to jump. This is why some programs like Bounce Kit by Jordan Kilganon have jumping in their program.


Some athletes can’t afford to but a jump program or have access to weights or a rim to dunk on. I get it I was in that situation I honestly saved up money from my part-time minimum wage job to buy a portable rim. It was the best investment at the time for myself as a 16-year-old kid. I bought the cheapest one I could find, and it lasted me until this day.



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