How to know what basketball position you are? Answered!


So you decided to take basketball a little more seriously, you feel as if you can compete and hold your own, and want to try out for your local high school team. But you probably don’t know what position you are or which one would be best suited for your game and play style.

How to know what basketball position you are? The best way to know what basketball position you should play is to find out what skills you think you are good at over other players and pick the position that bests bring those attributes to light when on the court. If your someone who shoots baskets better than most you may want to play shooting guard, if you can handle the ball well and pass then point guard. if you still are not sure choose a position and just play.

Understanding what your strengths are can be a quick way to figuring out what position you should play. This might mean that you choose a position that you may not like but can help your team win. Every player wants to score, but not every player is fit to. We all want to be like our favorite players in the NBA but the reality is that there are far and few of those players even on the court.

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How to know what basketball position you are?

When you step on the basketball court to play against the competition, what do you notice that you are good at? What are other players complimenting you on? Whats your edge? Knowing what you are good at you can tailor your strengths to the position on the court that best would highlight your game. Now when you play that position, do you feel you would be best there or somewhere else. Are you comfortable there?

The opposite may be true if your not very good at basketball as it is, you may be completely lost as to what position you should play. If your trying out for a team and you are tall compared to the other players, your coach may more then likely put you in the power forward and center position regardless of skill. This happens a lot especially on teams where players play positions based on height as in junior high and high school.

Playing the point guard position generally you need to be a very good ball handler and passer. Dictate the tempo and the flow of the game. Growing up I was an undersized shooting guard who couldn’t dribble very well, so playing point guard was out of the question. Playing shooting guard was easy, I could shoot but that in fact limited my chances of being recruited and playing pro with players who were much taller than myself at 5 feet 9 inches tall.

How to know which position in basketball you should play?

Basketball positions are not all the same, each position has a role on the court that balances out the floor with the other players in their respective positions. This works well for spacing and making the most of the teams five players on the court.

So where do you fit in the equation? what basketball position should you play? Unfortunately sometimes playing on a basketball team you may not have a choice and if your tall you are playing the center position even if you feel your much better playing small forward. Sometimes even though you like a position or are good at it , you either are beat out by someone better then you at that spot forcing you to play a different spot. But you can tailor your game around that position like most do, Centers work on post moves, shooting guards shoot, point guards work on their handle etc.


Playing a position you don’t like?

If you are playing in a position you don’t like and are not good at the best thing you can do is talk to your coach and let him know privately one on one. He may have other reasons why you are playing the position you are and sees something you may not realize that you are good at. Keep an open mind, if your a basketball player it wont matter what position you play. To most ballers they don’t care where they play they just want to play and win.

Adapt to the circumstances give it your all and you may realize that you are naturally better at that position then you originally thought. You may even like playing there better than the position you wanted to play in the first place. 

If you are not the best player for the role you may be better off to play a different position to get more playing time, this might mean you play a position your not crazy about but gets you on the court. If this happens, great! Better to play a spot on the court then not playing at all sitting on the bench as the 3rd string shooting guard.

Which basketball position scores the most?

This is a simple question with a simple answer. The player that scores the most points. Really no position on the court it better than any another when it comes to scoring. Unless you play in the NBA and then I would have to say that the center position lacks the most scoring now due to the evolving way the game is being played in the NBA with the ridiculous amount of three pointers and outside shoots that are taken. But hey I am entertained by this.

It seems that the shooting guard and the small forward do score more than the rest of the positions. The Point guard position is also up there, while there are few point guards that are true point guards in the league, this position has increased in scoring over the years. 

At the lower levels this is not the case and any position can have a player scoring a lot of points with practice and hard work. There really is no magic position, if there was then everyone would play it.


Which basketball position is most important?

This is really hard to answer, but if I had to decide, it would be the point guard position. The point guard needs to bring up the ball and run the offense, sometimes pushing the pace when they see an advantage or seeing a mismatch down in the court and running the offense.

For defense it would be the shot blocker position which would be the power forward or center position. This position duty is not to just block shots on defense but to be a presence that if anyone does decide to drive the lane for an easy lay up you are there to make it difficult by blocking them or altering their shot.

All basketball positions are equally as important when it comes to playing as a team, when one link of the offense is broken it can cause a break in the chemistry between teammates.

Which basketball position shoots the most three-pointers?

The shooting guard shoots the most three pointers. James Harden of the Houston Rockets averaged 13 threes a game for the last 3 years. But position doesn’t matter if the coach is giving you the ok to do so. Stephen Curry plays point guard and we all know how many threes he shoot with efficiency in the NBA.

Three pointers are great but only when you make them.

Soon enough we will see centers shooting more threes in the NBA, and it will be a matter of time when a center wins the award for 3 point field goal efficiency. Brook Lopez of the Milwaukee bucks averages 5 attempts a game and hes shooting around 35 percent, not bad. He went from shooting no 3s 4 years ago to now shooting 5 a game for the last 3 years.

This is the way the game will be played for the foreseeable future in the NBA.



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