How Many Fouls Are Allowed In The NBA?

All through junior high and high school if you have played basketball or spectated games that when a player commits 5 hours then the player must leave the game unable to return but what about the NBA 

How many fouls are allowed in the NBA? In the NBA, players are allowed five fouls to remain in the game, When the player with 5 fouls receives their 6th they are considered fouled out and must leave the game. The NBA regulation game time is 48 minutes, 8 minutes longer than any other league. This is the reason for 6 fouls instead of the five most commonly seen in other leagues. High School, College, and FIBA you may remain in the game with 4 fouls upon receiving your fifth you will be fouled out and sit on the bench.

What type of fouls does this include? how do team fouls work? Also, does this include technical fouls? We will cover all these questions in this article so we fully understand what the six fouls consist of?

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Why 6 Fouls and Not 5?

Like most leagues, the rule for fouling out of a game is 5 once this happens you’re unable to return to the game. Basically the breakdown for each league is a foul for every 8 minutes of Regulation time. So a 40-minute game you receive five fouls 5 multiply 8 is 40. In a 48 minute game, you receive 6 fouls,  6 multiply 8 is 48 minutes of play.


What is a foul?

 In simple terms, a foul is when a player comes into contact with another player on the opposing team that goes against the rule book resulting in a violation or foul call stopping the play in question by the referee and the whistle.

 The player which is in violation of a foul will receive a personal foul to his name. In the NBA, once you have reached 5 personal fouls your next foul which will be 6 will foul you out of the game and must leave the court and are unable to return.

Types of Fouls

There are three main types personal, flagrant and technical foul.

Personal fouls

Personal fouls are the most common fouls that are called 95 percent of the time in a game, these fouls are blocking, tripping, illegal use of hands, and pushing to name a few. The personal fouls can also consist of offensive fouls such as charges and other common contact fouls between two players.

Flagrant Fouls

There are two types of flagrant fouls flagrant 1 and flagrant 2. Flagrant 1 is contact which is considered unnecessary but no intent to injure. Flagrant 2 is in contact with the intent to injure.

Technical Fouls

A technical foul is basically unsportsmanlike conduct towards the referee or another player, usually verbally such as swearing or yo mama jokes. Technical fouls count towards player personal fouls, but how you receive them can have you leaving the game fairly quickly by fouling out, for example, many times players will argue a  foul call that was made while already receiving a personal foul on the play then the technical foul arguing the call will also count towards personal fouls which would leave the player with six fouls fouling out of the game. 


Generally, all these types of fouls count towards the player’s personal fouls and is something to watch out for when you have 4 or 5 fouls as the next foul may result in the player being fouled out.



Do offensive fouls count towards your six fouls?



What are teams fouls?

Team fouls are fouls players on one team get that are considered personal fouls. They are added to the team fouls once you reach a certain number of team fouls you are in what is called a bonus. You will go to the free-throw line and shoot free-throws. In the NBA you are shooting two free-throws once you reach the bonus. How team fouls are calculated are when you are if two players on one team each have two fouls than the team fouls total would be four fouls. Once a team reaches 9 team fouls in the NBA, for every foul after reaching 10 teams and over, the opposing team will shoot two free-throws. Offensive fouls do not count towards the bonus.


Do Technical foul calls and flagrant fouls count towards a player’s personal fouls?



What happens when you are fouled out?

 When you reach 6 fouls in the NBA you must leave the court, due to being fouled out. You may sit on the bench to cheer your team on but you are unable to return for the remainder of the game.


This concludes the article hope this clears up any confusion in which how many fouls in NBA player is allowed before being fouled out 

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