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Double rims get no love, most hate them as they appear to be extremely small compared to regular rims and are unforgiving. It feels like it’s much harder to score on the double rim then a regular rim. While there is some truth to double rims being much harder to score on and make a basket, realize that they should be your best friend. Here’s why…

Double rims are a great way to gauge how good a shooter you really are, you will start to notice more of your shots going in while that is a good sign you’re improving. If on the other hand you’re not improving or feel like you need to work on form and get more shots then you will definitely realize it.

You will find basketball double rim hoops in areas of your city where there is a lot of pick up games and people playing.  Double rims are made of steel and are a stiff rim without a spring-loaded system. The sprig loaded rims allow for dunking without damaging the rim.

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The double rims are used for longevity to keep the city from having to replace the basketball hoops constantly. On some courts, the rims are raised and mounted a couple of inches higher than 10 feet. This will hopefully deter most players from being able to dunk the ball and weaken the rim. Which is usually why overtime, basketball rims need replacing. A simple basketball shot will not weaken the rim as quickly as dunking and hanging on the rim.

There’s a misconception that double rims are much smaller than a normal size rim, I assure you they are the same size as any regulation size rim. Double rims just appear smaller in circumference. The illusion is that sometimes these hoops are higher than 10 ft tall so this may create the view that the rim is smaller in circumference because its farther away. To add to that these rims are stiff and don’t allow any friendly roll-ins, when the ball touches the rim it more than likely will bounce out and unlikely to go in making you think they are in fact smaller.

double rim basketball hoop

Improvement in Shooting

I really believe if you want to improve your shooting, just by playing on these double rims will help you focus and concentrate on every shot. These rims will force you to do so as there is no room for error if you want the ball to go into the basket. If you play on these rims for a few weeks and then you go back to playing on a regular rim you should notice a difference in your shooting. Double rims are harder to shoot on and force you to get better when transitioning over to a regular hoop. 

Double rims are a great way to improve and hone your skills with no room for error as you have to concentrate on every shot you take, this is also a good practice for game situation shots. Many of us often practice shooting with no real focus or goal in mind and throw up shots with no purpose or concentration. When you are shooting you narrow your target considerably while completely concentrating and focusing on each shot.



Shooting the ball with proper form and arc is important. If you are playing basketball, shooting on a double rim with a low arcing shot is going to make it very difficult for the ball to go in the hoop. If the ball hits the rim first it will most likely not go in the hoop this will force you to put more arc on your sho0t as you will discover that the only way for the ball to go in the majority of the time is the ball needs to hit the rim on the way down and in the center of the hoop.

If you’re somewhat comfortable with your form and shooting you can try to shoot the ball so it hit nothing but net. Aiming to not have the ball hit the rim, you can do this while practicing hoop

Soft Touch

Playing on a double rim requires soft hands and a soft touch when shooting a layup your are going to need to be a lot more accurate and place the ball softer on the backboard. As when the ball hits any part of the rim there is a chance of it bouncing out. A bank shot is a little more difficult also and while you will need to shoot that ball with more accuracy depending on what type of backboard the rim sits on. Again this is great practice, and good shooters will recognize the difficulty of shooting on a double rim with its challenges.


Shooting Form

If you feel like it’s impossible for you to score on a double rim or the ball just never seems to go in the basket, you will need to work on your form. I won’t get into too much detail on form but you can check out this article I wrote on How To Become A Better Shooter In Basketball: Ultimate Guide.

Increase Shooting Adding More Difficulty

To add another variable to your shooting and making it more difficult such as the ball being over-inflated, this will help in making it more difficult to score as when the ball hits the rim it will more than likely bounce out and not go in making it even more difficult to put it in the basket. You need a swish  This is great to add to your shooting if you are already good at shooting and want a challenge. 


Players who first play on double rims will have a difficult time. What happens is, when a player misses often their confidence goes down and then complain and make excuses.  If you are used to playing on double rims you will immediately have a distinct advantage if you are a shooter against another player who has not played on a double rim before. Experience counts and no two rims are built alike, you will find when you play on the same rim you also get better shooting on that rim.


Dead-Eye Aim

I know I already mentioned it but it’s worth mentioning again, playing on a double rim with a ball that’s overinflated when you are practicing shooting and putting in a ton of reps daily and consistently working on game situation shots is the key to Deadeye aim.

Just make sure you are working on form before you’re shooting workouts also. You will also find your concentration and focus on shooting alone will improve and quickly realize that you’re dialed in on every shot you take. While you may miss a shoot it will force you to analyze what you did wrong, adjusting as you need to.

This is why double rims are your best friend as it lets you know when you’re doing something wrong. I hope your friends encourage good behavior.

In general, most players hate the double rim, but that’s why you should love it, you will have a distinct advantage against players who are not very good shooters. When first playing on these rims, adjusting to the stiff rim will frustrate you. It will feel like nothing is going in but do something about it make it your goal to put in time and reps.

Being able to shoot on a double rim will not happen overnight, there will be days where you will want to quit and not want to play basketball anymore. Then you will play on a regular rim at your school gym and Light it Up!… and think to yourself that, this is easy. Playing on these rims will force you to be better and all you have to do is just play the game you love.

Well, that concludes the article I hope that you will consider double rim hoops to be your friend and not your worst enemy just realized that at first, it’s not going to be easy it will be difficult. You will get frustrated but you just have to stick with it.  Your game, in the long run, will get better the more consistent you are, just make sure you give yourself some time and energy into putting in reps success doesn’t happen in a day, think long term in months and years.

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