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Can Julain Newman Make the NBA? | No, And Here’s Why?

Julian Newman was a child basketball prodigy that many regarded as the next upcoming NBA Superstar. He started to play basketball as soon as he was able to hold a ball. It was no surprise to everyone that while only in the 5th grade he would play basketball for the varsity team Prodigy Prep. This is why many thought he would easily make the NBA.

Can Julian Newman make the NBA today? No! Julian Newman will not and could not make the NBA. Newman has an incredible work ethic and is highly skilled, but genetics play a major factor in who can make the league. Julian who is small in stature would be playing against players who are a full foot taller than him and much more athletic. To add to this he would be a defensive liability on the court due to his size. 

We are all taught to work hard and our dreams will become a reality, unfortunately, that’s just not enough to play in the NBA anymore. With no scholarship offers to any colleges or a pro contract at this time, no player has ever made the NBA in this manner.

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Who is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman started off as a child prodigy who can dribble and shoot a basketball at a very young age better than most adult males could.

With appearances on different News Stations and Tonight Shows Julian would showcase his talent and giving the world a taste of his unbelievable skill.

It wouldn’t be long that Newman would gain the attention of the basketball world by being in fifth grade at only 11 years old playing Varsity Basketball for Prodigy Prep School.

That year he would put up 12 points and 10 assists a game standing at only 4 feet 5 inches tall and weighing only 70 pounds (none of that is a misprint).

While in the sixth grade, he was already averaging 17 points a game. Below are his stats courtesy of

When He was officially in high school his points started to increase while his assists started to decrease. More on this later.

Julian would gain even more popularity from his basketball highlight tape on YouTube that received millions of views in a short period of time.

The basketball YouTube sensation was the most viewed basketball player on the platform for a moment.

But unfortunately, his career has been under a microscope.

Many would argue that Newman’s success especially his points per game was mostly due to the team Prodigy Prep playing against teams that were not very good.

Prodigy even still had losing seasons year after year. When Julian would face a better team or better players he would struggle.

Soon, it would be Julian Newman vs the internet. Everywhere he went he was heckled and booed with chants of “OVERATED” each time he played. 

That is a lot of pressure for one kid to overcome. 

Whether Julian’s success got to his head or not, he was starting to have a lot of issues on the court.

His attitude towards his teammates and those watching, he seemed to be playing a different game than the one he knows how to play.

Julian Newman’s Father Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman was the head coach of Julian’s basketball team for all 7 years of his career. Many criticized Jamie and his actual basketball Knowledge.

Watching him coach it just felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of coaching going on. It was almost as if the real coach was sick and a parent took over with no real knowledge of the game.

A lot of people questioned him exploiting Julian and his daughter Jayden Newman. Both are good at what they do but are far from being 5-star athletes. 

On teaching his son how to play basketball Jamie led him down the wrong path. He wasn’t really prepared for college basketball and his style was a more street ball, shooting threes 15 feet off the line.

Where is the facilitator, the lockdown defense, or the Captain of the team that brings the guys in and talks basketball strategy and what play they are running next?

Did he really expect a 5 foot 7 basketball player to score 20 plus points a game in college or the NBA?  This isn’t a knock on players who are smaller, this is reality.

Even a player like Isiah Thomas played the true point guard position in college and succeeded on that path.

How tall is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman is 1.7 meters in height or 66 inches or otherwise known as 5 feet 7 inches. I do believe he is much smaller than this especially without shoes on.

When it comes to basketball, the height factor is a huge deal when trying to make it to the next level. If you lack height you better have something other players do not have that could make up for it.

This could be speed, able to facilitate and make players around you better or even be a lock-down defender.

Think about it this way, if a coach is looking at you or a player 6  to 12 inches taller for the final spot on the team and you both have relatively the same skillset, the taller player will always get the roster spot.

Will Julian Newman enter the NBA draft?

With the average player in the NBA being 6 feet 7 inches in height, being tall is a must to increase your chances of making it into the league.

You have to have a combination of natural talent, skill, and athleticism. Besides how many players in the NBA right now are under 6 feet? 

There are no reports as of yet if Julian Newman will attempt to enter the NBA Draft. Jamie on the hit Show Hellow Newman’s spoke about Julian having offers from Japan, Spain, and even the G-League.

This I believe is a major stretch to keep Julian in talks and to avoid exploiting his talents as being truly unsigned or picked up by any team.

If His goal is to make it to the NBA then by now you might have heard of many other players doing so without playing college basketball and doing just fine in the league, so it is possible.

Such was the case with Lamelo Ball who played in the Australian Basketball League with basically the worse team in the league with former NBA pros alike and did extremely well.

Will this be the path Newman is looking at? 

Will Julian Newman play pro Anywhere?

If Julian can clean up his attitude and humble himself I think he has an awesome basketball career waiting for him.

I believe Julian Newman could make a very big name for himself in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). I also think he could do very well in that league.

This may be a step down in his own mind of where he believes he should be but I think this would be a great move for him.

The CBA does get a lot of exposure while this would be the best place to start in order for him to maximize his potential and expose his talents.

Where is Julian Newman Playing?

Julian Newman can play basketball for a living. This isn’t to knock him or anything but him and his family are very entertaining. It’s no surprise that when an episode of Hello Newman’s appears on the OVERTIME channel it gets millions of views on Youtube. 

Now it makes you wonder? Why wouldn’t he just start his own Youtube channel? Make money playing basketball unprofessionally at this time considering it doesn’t seem like he is playing pro.

Heck, use it as an excuse as to why you are not playing pro. Say you’re making more this way with ads and endorsements, I think it’s the smart way to go.

But maybe in not doing so, this is a choice that is being made in order to protect his credibility and his baller status. Since he was able to walk the basketball star was expected to play in the NBA.

So what’s the truth?

Is Julian playing college basketball or pro basketball overseas this year? It appears being out of high school for over a year now and hiding the true status of his basketball career, we still don’t know what is going on with Julian Newman. Only time will tell.

Part of me feels that Julian Newman’s long hours in the gym would have been better suited playing soccer or mastering an instrument only because his biggest factor limiting his basketball career is his height.

We all know this is something we can not change.